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You can get consultation in English.

Igor Reznik is the founder of the International Personal Development Group 'ReLife'; its mission is to help people find genuine life purpose by choosing a suitable position, corresponding to their unique psychophysical nature.

Igor conducts different trainings on practical self-development and career guidance. He follows Vedic philosophy and practices different types of yoga.

In 2015, this knowledge not only greatly helped him to translate Alex and Marina's book «The Mystery of Your Life Purpose» into English but also shaped him as reliable friend, loving husband and happy father of two boys!

Now Igor is ready to apply '22 ARCANA' method to help you to define: life purpose for yourself, for people and for the world; your genuine calling, lines of wealth, relationships and love; health and bloodline programs; compatibility with another person; unsolved programs from previous lives and make step by step plan to transform negative life processes into positive.

Igor gives consultations either on Skype - igor.renik or twosome.  https://www.facebook.com/igor.reznik.9?fref=ts

The cost for two hours consultation is $60.

Skype: igor.renik

SITE: www.vision-of-life.com





Стань учеником школы вокала

"Muza Production" by Valevskaya





Школа коучинга Аллы Заднепровской

On-line-трансляции. Аудиторное обучение.








Международный фестиваль женских практик

«Сила Берегини»





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